Our Services


We provide on demand door-to-door shuttle transportation, like a taxi, and meet the needs of those wanting private transportation to locations including places of employment, church, grocery stores, bars, nightclubs, medical facilities and airports. Unlike a taxi, payment is required up front and shuttle service rates are per person, as are other transportation industries (airline, train, and bus). Each vehicle has one child safety seat provided.  Transportation begins at $5 per person and increases based on destination.

We no longer provide Limousine transportation.

Charters are arranged for those wishing to travel together as a group and can be as small as two individuals or as large as 50+ people. 


Do you want items delivered? We provide courier/delivery  service too.  We'll pick it up and deliver it to you.  All deliveries incur a fee.


Please call 575-520-1822 for more information or a reservation. 

Interested in hiring us to provide transportation for you?